Dr Paul Drago

Health and Wellness Specialist

Taking a holistic approach, Dr. Paul Drago believes that an effective wellness routine calls for a balance of nutrition, fitness and mental health care.

Nutrition & Diet Plans

Don’t fall for the trend traps!  Fad diets can cause long-term health issues, including serious digestive problems and damaging malnutrition.  As a Health & Wellness Specialist, Dr. Paul Drago offers nutrition support consultations.  Together, Dr. Drago and his clients formulate effective diet plans that focus on nourishing the body.  These personalized plans take into account the client’s overall physical and mental health, as well as their short and long term wellness goals.  Dr. Drago specializes in a variety of diets that even assist in caring for specific physical health conditions, such as allergies and intolerances. 

Physical & Mental Health

Dr. Paul Drago is a firm believer in the notion that physical and mental health directly correlate.  How someone feels on the inside often shows on the outside — for better or for worse.  That’s because how we think shapes how we approach virtually every aspect of our lives, including our physical health and fitness. 

Health and Fitness Trends of 2022

Look back at each week of 2022, Dr. Paul Drago shared his thoughts and expert opinion on the top health and fitness trends. Find out how to build your own effective diet and fitness plan this year with the help of Dr. Drago!

Healthy Eating & Nutrition

Fitness & Body Building

Mental Health & Wellness

Mental Health Awareness

All too often, we neglect to care for our mental health. An optimal wellness routine takes into account both physical and mental health care. Dr. Paul Drago is passionate about emphasizing the fact that just because you don’t struggle with a mental illness doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus on improving your mental health. Incorporating concepts like self-care into our daily routines is so important when it comes to caring for our overall wellness.

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